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Our Lawyers

Anthony is involved in advising businesses on their numerous legal rights, responsibilities, and obligations. General corporate practice involves handling a wide range of legal issues for businesses.

Corporate Lawyer

Andrew assist clients with financial matters that range from tapping debt markets to assisting corporations with restructuring businesses.

Financial Lawyer

Henrik spend most of his time negotiating the contract terms for a loan to make sure their client gets a fair and watertight deal.

Financial Lawyer

Aimee specializes in categories including banking, project finance, real estate finance and private equity finance, or they may have broad industry knowledge.

Financial Lawyer

Alexandra helps manage legal problems between persons with familial relationships. She files legal documents, participate in mediation sessions, and offer advice to clients.

Family Lawyer

Alice plays a key role assisting both employees and employers alike. She help resolve legal issues between employers and their employees, such as those involving wages, workplace safety, discrimination, and harassment.

Employment Lawyer

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